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Avoiding Drunk Drivers During the Holiday

The extended holiday season is upon us, and that means that many of you will be traveling throughout the state and throughout the country. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of you have found a way to safely visit with family during the holidays. However, there is no reason to suspect that drunk driving accidents will decrease this holiday season. Traditionally, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are all times of the year in which there are a higher number of drunk drivers on the road. Here, the Charlotte drunk driving accident attorneys at Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C. want to discuss some tips for avoiding impaired drivers this holiday season.

Tips to avoid drunk driving accidents during the holidays

According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, there were 11,492 total alcohol-related crashes during the latest reporting year across the state. Out of these incidents, 348 people lost their lives and 7,665 were injured. Alcohol-related collisions were responsible for nearly 24% of all total traffic fatalities during the latest reporting year. Some of the best ways that you can avoid drunk driving accident collisions this holiday season include the following:

  1. Do not drive while impaired. It goes without saying, but you should avoid driving your vehicle while impaired by alcohol. Even if you have only had a few drinks, this is certainly enough to slow your reaction time and make you drowsy. If you plan on having any drinks outside of your house this holiday season, consider getting a designated driver to tag along with you.
  2. Offer your guests a place to stay. If you have family members over to your house this holiday season, consider having them stay at your place if they are going to be drinking alcoholic beverages. If you do not have room at your place, you could think about getting them a relatively inexpensive hotel room and have them take a taxi or an Uber at the end of the night.
  3. Avoid driving altogether. If you can avoid driving altogether during major holiday evenings, and the night before major holidays, you should do so. These are the times when drunk drivers will likely be out on the road.
  4. Learn to identify potentially drunk drivers. You should lookout for various signs that a driver may be operating while impaired by alcohol. If you do see a driver that is impaired, take note of their license plate if you are able to do so and call the appropriate authorities to report the incident. While you may not feel right calling the police on somebody else, reporting a drunk driver may very well save a life. The following are signs that a driver may be operating a vehicle while drunk:
  • Making wide, abrupt, or illegal turns
  • Almost striking obstacles or other vehicles
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Not staying inside the lanes
  • Braking erratically, seemingly for no reason
  • Driving with no headlights

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