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Truck accident leaves one dead near Linville North Carolina

A semi-truck driving southbound US Highway 221 outside of Marion crashed and flipped over, killing a passenger. David B Small, 53 of New Jersey was driving when he lost control of his vehicle and hit a rock. The truck came to rest on a runaway truck ramp and the trailer stopped against a rock wall. The accident is still under investigation by the North Carolina Highway Patrol, however it is believed that excessive speed could have been a factor. Sgt. Kevin Owens of the North Carolina Highway Patrol is also investigating whether the truck might have had faulty brakes. At the time of the accident the truck was hauling lawnmower batteries and dumped around 2000 batteries onto the road and nearby property. The name of the passenger was killed had not been released.

According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation in 2010, speeding was a contributing factor in 34%of all reportable motor vehicle crashes. In that same year 41,729 people have injured in speed related crashes and 452 people were killed. Only 2.3% of all crashes involved in vehicle defects.