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What to Do After Being Injured in a Rideshare Accident

If you’ve been hurt while using Uber, Lyft, or any other ridesharing company, you are probably confused as to what you should do, and the unique circumstances of your auto accident create many questions regarding blame and financial liability. Most people who are harmed while working for or using a ridesharing service find it challenging to figure out exactly what must be done to remedy their damages in the aftermath of a serious crash, starting with insurance coverage.

Whose Insurance Coverage Should Be Applied?

Typically, the driver’s personal or commercial auto insurance is the first line of defense. This can be applied to your injuries and help you access the compensation you need for medical care and other injury-related expenses. However, if you are seriously injured, your driver’s insurance is unlikely to cover the full cost of your care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other costly damages.

In the event that your injury-related costs exceed the limits of your driver’s insurance policy or cannot be covered (which is likely), the ridesharing service’s liability insurance is the next option. This usually covers damages up to $1 million, but it can be challenging for injured passengers to recover compensation via the company’s liability insurance.

In accidents where the rideshare driver is not at fault for the accident, the insurance coverage of the at-fault driver and/or other liable third parties could be applied in order to provide you with appropriate compensation for your injuries and damages. If the responsible party does not hold adequate insurance (or any at all), ridesharing companies also carry uninsured/uninsured motorist coverage.

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