How to Choose the Right Charlotte Car Accident Attorney for You

How to Choose the Right Charlotte Car Accident Attorney for YouThere are very few occasions where a person will need the services of a personal injury lawyer. In fact, it is only in dire situations like a car accident where people think seriously about selecting an attorney. However, choosing the right lawyer to represent you is the most important decision that you can make after an accident. You do not want to be represented by a law firm more interested in their fees than your well-being.

You also do not want to be represented by a lawyer who may mean well, but is not fully equipped to represent you. Think about following the Goldilocks approach when considering an injury attorney: pick someone who is just right.

Even though the process of selecting the right Charlotte car accident attorney might not be as easy as picking the right porridge, there are some general methods upon which you can rely. There is no specific look or personality connected to the right attorney. However, the following characteristics can help you select the right car accident lawyer for your particular case.

  • Knowledge of Charlotte and state law. You can hire a well-known attorney from social media or television. However, what if that lawyer is not familiar with the local laws of your city? You may not only lose out on the compensation that you deserve, but may have to pay attorney fees on top of it. It would be in your best interest, legally and financially, to seek legal counsel from a law firm experienced with local courts and agencies.
  • The size of the law firm. Another characteristic equally important to consider is the size of the law firm. Many larger law firms tend to take on a massive caseload, handing off smaller clients to less-experienced associates. This can lead to some clients falling through the cracks or receiving less attention than they deserve. An attorney from a smaller, local law firm, on the other hand, has the additional time and dedication to invest into each and every case.
  • Ease of communication. Another characteristic to consider when selecting a Charlotte car accident attorney is communication skills. Many people may think that all attorneys are excellent communicators because it is a requirement of their occupation. However, there is a difference between communicating with judges or insurance companies and communicating with clients. Failing to keep in constant communication with a client is a sign that you are just another number for an attorney.
  • Positive referrals and reviews. Just like with any product or service, you want to search for any past referrals or reviews. There is nothing more authentic than a review from a past client. Reviewing an attorney’s testimonials on their website is a great place to start. If possible, request a list of previous clients from the attorney to ask about their experiences.
  • Experience with your type of case. When searching for the right attorney, you want to consider their record of success with the particular accident that you have experienced. An attorney whose area of expertise lies in estate planning cannot help you as efficiently as an attorney with a record of success in car accident injury verdicts and settlements. Consider the type of experience that an attorney has in handling your specific type of accident and injuries.
  • Their approach and goals. Another characteristic to consider is the attorney’s approach. Some attorneys pride themselves on settling car accident cases. Other attorneys pride themselves on taking their clients’ cases to trial. Although a majority of personal injury cases result in a settlement, attorneys who are willing to take their clients’ claims to trial from the start show a different type of dedication. Insurance companies, in particular, take notice of attorneys with this type of approach.

Why Price, Petho & Associates is the right Charlotte law firm

When it comes to selecting the right car accident attorney for your needs, you want a law firm who checks all the boxes. The Charlotte car accident attorneys at Price, Petho & Associates do so effortlessly. Since 1979, we have represented injured car accident victims and handled all types of claims, from hit-and-run accidents to drunk driving accidents.

  • We take a personalized approach to each of our clients’ cases. Because we understand that each car accident case is unique, we go above and beyond to create a tailored strategy for our client’s successful outcome. We do not have a “one-size-fits-all” mindset when it comes to our clients, and give each of our clients the time and attention that their case deserves.
  • In addition to our personalized approach, our law firm puts forth every effort to help our clients obtain the fair compensation that they deserve. Unlike many law firms, we have a skilled investigator on hand that can assist with the issues of your claim. Having a skilled investigator can help provide our clients with the best evidence possible.
  • With our communication style and dedicated resources, our track record of success speaks for itself. All one has to do is visit our Testimonials page on our website to see what our past clients have had to say about our effort. Various clients have expressed their gratitude for our “extreme knowledge and compassion”, our ability to “work quickly and professionally,” and how our attorneys are “honest, have integrity, and have wonderful communication.”

Since 1979, the attorneys at Price, Petho & Associates have developed a strong record of success with helping car accident victims in Charlotte and throughout the state. With over $200 million in damages recovered for our clients, we want to help you, too. Call 704-372-2160, or submit our contact form to schedule a free consultation. We serve injured clients in Charlotte, Rutherfordton, and Rockingham.