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Client Testimonials

BEST experience with this law firm

"I have had the BEST experience with this law firm with both of my accidents. They work so quickly and so fast! They get you what you deserve and more. Everyone is so polite and happy. THE BEST IN TOWN."

- M.W.

Responsive and Professional

"After a car accident a few years ago, we were referred to Doug Petho by a co worker and have been pleased with his services ever since that time. He handled our case and was able to make sure that my husband was compensated for his injuries. He always was responsive and professional and kept us well informed. From the get go, he explained the process and the why's, which helped us have clarity before we decided to go with him. In fact, we could not have done it without him..We highly recommend Doug Petho...he is the best!"

- Former Client

Has Been Excellent

"Mr. Petho on all 3 times that I've used his services, has been excellent and provided me with excellent service. He and his staff are very professional."

- Pamela

I'm Glad I Hired Him

"I was referred to this attorney by a friend. He had an accident that Mr. Petho helped him long time ago. I'm glad I hired him. He explained everything and answered all my questions. Staff is wonderful and he always returned my calls. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer."

- Amanda

I Strongly Recommend

"My Attorney Petho and all staff did the very best job of working my case and resolving it in timely matter. I strongly recommend this attorney office Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C. for your family and friends. It will be the best decision you'll ever make if you're involved in an accident."

- A.W.

Doug Was Such a Nice, Personable Person

"My vehicle was in stopped traffic when I was struck from behind by a female driving a large pick up truck @ a high rate of speed. My car was pushed into a concrete barrier then into the car in front of me. The female that caused the accident & I were transported via medic to area hospitals. I received extensive cuts to both eye areas. Upon contacting attorney Doug Petho it was decided he would come to my home the following Monday morning for the initial interview. That in itself was such a relief. Doug was such a nice, personable person to speak with. He along w/ his assistant, Jennifer were very efficient in dealing w/ all the people from the insurance companies & plastic surgeon concerning my case."

- Debra

Extreme Knowledge and Compassion

"Mr. Petho and his staff were just amazing. They showed extreme knowledge and compassion about my case. Having a minor child involved, I was nervous about the process. They kept me up to date and explained everything. I highly recommend Mr. Petho."

- Abby

I Would Rate This Firm FIVE STARS Times Two

This firm did a fantastic job resolving a difficult situation with the insurance companies involving my personal injury. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone that wants a competent and aggressive group to get a fair settlement for there case. I would rate this firm FIVE STARS times two.

- D.W.

One phone call CHANGED OUR LIVES

In December of 2020 2 weeks before Christmas my family and I were involved in a head on collision. My two children got hurt really bad and I ended up getting hurt and was almost paralyzed from the waist down. Initially everyone referred us to Michael A Demayo law practice, but when we reached out no one acted as if they wanted to help my family! So a good friend told us to call Price Petho & Associates, that one phone call CHANGED OUR LIVES. The staff was very polite and understanding, they called to check on us and kept giving us updates on our case. I can honestly say this has been a long road for me and my children but after trips to the chiropractor and a little therapy we will be just fine!!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♥️ IF I NEED A LAWYER I KNOW WHERE TO COME!!!

- Janisa W.

Work Quickly and Professionally

Thanks to the lawyer and his entire team, they were able to solve my case without any inconvenience, they work quickly and professionally. I recommend them.

- Heidy P.

Everyone is Kind and Compassionate

"Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C. isn't your typical attorney office... everyone is kind and compassionate. They are one of a kind. They ask how you are doing and genuinely want to know. At one of our meetings an attorney was reading through my notes and read something that caught his eye... something everyone else had missed. He quickly got on the phone and referred to me a physician- that was truly life changing for me. I honestly cannot thank them enough. Not only do you want them on your side but you want to be working FOR them! Thank you"

- C.M.

Extremely Professional

"I love this guy! I will tell all of my family and friends to use his services. He was prompt, courteous and extremely professional. Great job. I'm very satisfied."

- Toshia

I Should Have Hired Him Sooner

"After trying to deal with the insurance company after my son's accident, I was given Mr.Petho's name by a co-worker. I should have hired him sooner. He took care of my son's bills and was able to take the headache and hassle out of a bad situation. I hope I never need a lawyer again, but if I do I know who to call."

- Alex

Doug Petho and His Staff Were Fantastic!

"Doug Petho and his staff were fantastic! I thought when I was rear-ended that I would sort things out on my own - it can't be that bad, right? A family friend recommended Mr. Petho to me - she said just to talk it through with him, even if it seems small. Good thing I did, because shortly after, I had quite a bit of pain stemming from this incident, that I probably never would have been able to address, be reimbursed, or otherwise receive compensation for. I ended up missing work and going to quite a few PT appointments, and am still not totally 100%. The other person's insurance company would have barely covered me, and I would have actually lost a good bit of money in copayments, but Mr. Petho's persistence was fruitful. He kept me up-to-date with what was going on, and was more than willing to communicate via e-mail since my job doesn't allow me much time on the phone. I needed to visit for my initial consultation, and for the final paperwork, but otherwise, everything was really handled for me, and he didn't require me to travel. He made it clear, though, that if I did need to visit or talk with him or his staff, that they're available. Any inquiries from me received prompt responses from them. I'm VERY satisfied with the services provided, and would gladly recommend this office to any friends or family. (Oh, AND they're in a nice, accessible neighborhood in a gorgeous old house!)"

- Former Client

They are the Best Attorneys I Have Known

"Worker compensation attorney at Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C. are very hard workers. When they took my case to trial, they were completely prepared. I had been searching for an attorney for my worker's comp. case and my cousin recommended them. I am very pleased with my settlement. they are very personal with their work. they put themselves in your shoes. they still check in on me once in a while to make sure that my insurance is still acting properly. they are the best attorneys I have known and will ever know. If you are looking for an attorney for your case, this is the firm that you need to hire."

- Former Client

Most Consummate Professional

"My wife had the ordeal of getting into an accident with a drunk driver. The drunk driver hit her in the back of the car doing 75 miles an hour. After contacting our normal lawyer for closing and other contracts, he directed us to Doug Petho. We can't say enough about his care and attention to our case. He is the most consummate professional that didn't want to just settle right away. He wanted to make sure that we received a full measure of justice. We can't thank him enough and if you want someone that is not just going to sell your case out but look for your best interest Douglas Petho is your lawyer."

- Eli and Jenny

They are Honest, Have Integrity and Have Wonderful Communication!

"I called Douglas Petho after hearing what a wonderful attorney he is. He is an honest straight shooter. I had a medical device claim. Mr. Petho was VERY honest about what I was about to embark upon. He told me the good and the bad. He did not sugar coat anything. He communicated in a straight forward honest manner which I really appreciated. An attorney with integrity we are told is hard to find. Mr. Petho has just that. He spoke to me numerous times. He guided me through the process in how to find an attorney that would be best for my situation . (I didn't find a him by the way). I spent ten years of my life on time lines. I finally settled my suit. Mr Petho called me. All of these thing's I tell you were done out of the goodness of his heart. This is the type of man Mr. Petho IS! There was a list of attorneys that got their pay offs when my case was all said and done. Mr. Petho the man that did the most, helped me the most. Was not even on that list! He deserved the most. He did more for me for free than anyone of the attorney's did on my case in ten year's. He was honest, they were not! Make Mr. Petho your first and only choice. He is a smart man with integrity. If he tells you something, you can believe it to be true. I experienced all of these things and never received a bill. If I could give this firm more than five stars I would. They deserve each and every one of them! So if you were made to believe lawyer stereotypes. Leave that at the door. Mr. Petho breaks the mold. You will say what a wonderful, honest , hard working for YOU guy. Refreshing to find just that when you need it most."

- Kimberly L.