Why Am I Named in a Lawsuit When I Didn’t Cause the Accident?

Why Am I Named in a Lawsuit When I Didn’t Cause the Accident? When you are involved in an accident that causes injuries, it’s important to discover who the liable party is. Otherwise, you might find yourself receiving a complaint for a lawsuit in the mail. Your first thought is probably, “Why am I getting sued for a car accident I didn’t cause?”

One of the points of a lawsuit is to hold the different liable parties accountable. Car accident claims are often not so simple to resolve and can involve several parties. Some of the reasons why you would be included in a lawsuit include:

  • It was a multi-car accident. When multiple drivers are involved in a wreck, every insurance company is going to point the finger at the other drivers. If you were in one of the middle cars of a chain reaction crash, or if you were hit by one car and the force threw you into another car, you could be named in a lawsuit.
  • The police report blames you. If the police report indicates that you were at-fault for the accident, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit. Because we are able to secure direct access to crash reports, we are uniquely equipped to start working on your behalf if you are named in the report.
  • You are the employer of the at-fault driver. If the person who caused the accident was on the clock at the time of the collision, you – as the employer – may find yourself named in the lawsuit.
  • You have already filed a lawsuit against the other driver. Countersuits are common in car accident claims. You could find yourself the subject of a lawsuit if you file a claim for your own injuries.

Should you hire a Charlotte car accident lawyer if you are named in a suit?

Absolutely. If you have been injured in an accident, you definitely want to hire a lawyer. A lawyer can help you prove who the liable party is in your accident and help secure the compensation to which you are entitled. Even though you can legally represent yourself, unless you are a personal injury attorney who practices in North Carolina, doing so is a real risk.

What if my insurance company gives me a lawyer?

Even though the insurance company can provide you with a lawyer, you can still benefit from hiring your own. The insurance company’s lawyer will also do what is best for the insurance company. That includes removing themselves from the lawsuit if they feel that you can be found liable. However, a lawyer working for you will always look out for your best interest.

What a Charlotte personal injury attorney can do for you

At Price, Petho and Associates, our Charlotte personal injury attorneys represent clients who have been injured from someone else’s terrible decisions. We understand the toll that your injury takes on you and your family. It is even worse when you have been a victim of an accident and also accused of causing it. Our attorneys are used to sticking with our clients in the darkest of times.

Here are some ways that our attorneys can help you in a lawsuit.

  • Counter-sue. You don’t have to take the accusations that someone is placing on you. If you truly feel that you should not be named in a lawsuit, your lawyer can counter-sue the plaintiff for your damages. You can also sue the real liable party in the accident for your damages. Our lawyers can determine the best way for you to respond to the lawsuit.
  • Determine your losses and damages. Our attorneys can also help you estimate your damages. With certain damages, there are certain methods that you can use to calculate that damage. You can include your medical expenses, the time taken off from work, and the pain and suffering you’ve endured from the accident. With a lawyer to help you, you are less likely to forget something important.
  • Prove fault. The best way to not be held liable for an accident is to prove the other defendant’s liability. Our lawyers can help you prove how the other defendant is more liable than you. We can strategize about the best evidence to use to eliminate your liability.
  • Negotiate a settlement. If you plan to counter-sue the other party, we can help you reach the best settlement for your compensation. The other party’s insurance company is guaranteed to do two things: try to discredit your injuries or offer you an insulting amount of compensation. We can negotiate with the insurance agents and come to a resolution that benefits you. Those negotiations can go for a few days or a few weeks. Either way, we are prepared to not back down until you get what you want.
  • Represent you at trial. If all parties involved are not able to come to a mutual resolution, the lawsuit may go to trial. When that happens, we can prepare you efficiently for the process. We can prepare you for the discovery phase and how to answer questions in a deposition. We can even keep you informed when the insurance company decides to settle, which is most likely to happen.

When you have been injured in an accident, you want a Price, Petho and Associates lawyer on your side. Our Charlotte personal injury attorneys are not afraid to fight for you. Call us today at 704-372-2160, or submit our contact form to schedule your consultation. We represent injured clients in Charlotte, Rutherfordton, and Rockingham.