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Winter Weather and Slip and Fall Accidents – Prevention Tips

We may live in the South, but the reality is that it still gets incredibly cold. Snow and ice are not uncommon in and around the Charlotte area during the winter. However, both snow and ice significantly increase slip and fall risks for pedestrians. Unfortunately, every year brings new stories about how property owners fail to properly mitigate slip and fall risks when the weather dips below freezing. Here, we want to discuss what property owners and pedestrians can do to remain safe this winter.

Property owner responsibility

In most situations, property owners have a duty to ensure that their premises are safe for those who have a right to be there. This responsibility typically extends to the exterior of the building and common pedestrian walkways. During the winter months, when the temperature drops below freezing, it is not uncommon for ice to form in certain areas. This is especially true if there is any snowfall at all. In these situations, property owners should regularly inspect common pedestrian pathways and look for any type of slip and fall hazard.

If a property owner notices an icy patch, they should take steps to remedy the situation. If the property owner is unable to take care of the hazard quickly, they should put up warning signs or cordon off the area to keep pedestrians from sustaining an injury. If property owners know that snow or ice will be a concern, they should have equipment ready to shovel the snow or salt and sand ready to melt the ice.

Pedestrian responsibility

Just because property owners have a duty to look out for the safety of those on their property does not mean that pedestrians have no responsibilities at all. As a pedestrian, you need to be vigilant, particularly if there has been a recent snowfall or if conditions are cold enough for ice to form on walkways. Some common ways to avoid slip and fall accidents during the winter months include the following:

  • Remain vigilant at all times: Be on the lookout for potentially slippery surfaces, including black ice that may not be as visible to the naked eye.
  • Wear shoes with treads: You should always have proper footgear on when there are icy or snowy conditions.
  • Use handrails if available: If you are going upstairs or along the pathway that has handrails in icy weather, use them to stabilize your balance.

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