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Charlotte Woman’s Anger After Losing Her Grandmother to Covid-19 Sparks A Fight for Nursing Home Transparency

During the pandemic, it is widely known that long-term care facilities are especially vulnerable. Numerous government agencies have issued guidelines to help battle the spread of the virus. However, more and more failings are coming to light. A Charlotte woman is fighting for nursing home transparency after losing her beloved grandmother suddenly to Covid-19, mere days after she was supposed to receive the vaccine.

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Why She is Angry

Shaleiah Sanders lost her grandmother, Pearl Sanders, in the care of a local nursing home. Sanders was very close to her grandmother, describing her as “a pearl. She was a rare gem. She was a once-in-a-lifetime gem that you would have had the pleasure of being able to enjoy her company.”

During the pandemic, Sanders kept in touch with Pearl, often using Facetime to stay in touch. On January 4th, Pearl was to receive the vaccine. However, she ran a mild fever and tested positive for Covid-19. On the morning of January 9th, Pearl said she didn’t have any symptoms, said she loved everyone, and that was all. Two hours later, Pearl died.

Sanders and her family are bewildered. How could Pearl have died a mere two hours after saying she felt fine? As anger deepened, Sanders is looking for answers.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services claims that the nursing home, White Oak Manor Charlotte, has the highest number of Covid-19 deaths in the state at 27. When W.C.N.C. Charlotte reached out to the facility, the senior administrator said, “it has been Covid-free for the past four testing dates.”

Covid-19 and Long-term Care Facilities

According to North Carolina Health News, after looking into 200 long-term care residents’ deaths, residents’ fatality rate is six times higher than the national average. Why? The Warren report saw:

  • Inadequate sick-leave policies for staff, putting residents at a higher risk of exposure
  • Lack of federal testing requirements
  • Lack of supplies of personal protective equipment

If you have a loved one in a long-term care facility during the pandemic, you expect the facility to do all it can to protect its vulnerable residents. However, when there is little transparency in nursing homes, how can you be sure?

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