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Not all work-related accidents happen in inherently busy and dangerous places, like a construction accident or an injury suffered by a firefighter in the line of duty. In many situations, the average office place can cause or lead to an employee’s injury. When this happens, a business professional has the right to file for workers’ compensation benefits to help make ends meet while they recover.

At Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C., we proudly stand by business professionals and office workers who need assistance filing or upholding their workers’ compensation claims. Companies, corporations, and insurance providers are notorious for trying to deny the workers’ comp claims of business professionals, as they believe office work environments are as safe as can be. Our representation and guidance will allow you to stand up for your rights and seek the financial aid you require.

Your workers’ compensation benefits as an injured office worker should include:

  • Cost of necessary medical care
  • Wages you did not earn while recovering
  • Further compensation if your injury is permanent

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Injuries Suffered by Business Professionals

In a workers’ compensation claim, liability for the suffered injury is not weighed in most cases. This means you can still get workers’ compensation if it was your own mistake that caused your injury. What is more important is whether or not the injury occurred while you were conducting a work-related duty. For a business professional or office worker, your duties might include working on a computer, filing paperwork, delivering a report, driving to and from the office to get supplies or lunches for others, and much more.

Injuries commonly suffered by officer workers conducting regular work duties include:

  • Fall injuries from tripping over loose wiring
  • Arthritis or carpal tunnel from time spent on a keyboard
  • Chronic back pain from time spent seated on a computer chair
  • Injury caused by assault or harassment from another employee

Other than arthritis, there are numerous specific injuries that can be experienced through the repeated and continual use of muscles and ligaments in the same way. For example, if you bend over to access a file cabinet several times a day, five days a week, and for many years, you could damage or inflame specific points in your back, legs, arms, etc. Known as repetitive strain injury (RSI), this type of injury is likely suffered by business professionals the most often.

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At our law firm, you can find a team of highly experienced and compassionate business professional injury attorneys in Charlotte. We are known as legal champions by injured workers from all corners of North Carolina.

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