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Are You a Union Worker and Have Suffered an Injury?

A union is a group of individuals who work together to improve wages, benefits, and a better workplace environment. Labor unions have been around for over a century to protect workers’ rights and improve their lives through collective bargaining. However, if a union worker suffers an injury, different rules may apply when they have to apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

At Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C., we understand that union workers in North Carolina possess protections that non-union workers do not have. Our Charlotte workers compensation attorneys have an extensive understanding of labor and union laws to guide you through the intricacies of the legal process to obtain the benefits you deserve.

Union Workers & North Carolina Workers’ Compensation

In many cases, union employees possess more rights and protections compared to non-union workers. They may have easier access to information regarding benefits, how to file, and what to expect throughout the process. Additionally, union supervisors are less likely to discourage or retaliate against workers who seek workers’ comp benefits.

Yet, since union workers are subject to collective bargaining agreements, they must obey the rules set forth by employers in regard to workers’ comp benefits. While some may reflect state laws, others may differ.

It is imperative to ask your employer if special rules apply to you prior to filing a workers’ compensation claim. You must thoroughly review the union contract to learn about your rights and the proper steps to take after an injury on the job.

Ready to Help Union Workers in All Industries

Our Charlotte workers’ comp lawyers can guide you through various legal issues related to labor rights and unions in order to ensure you obtain the most favorable outcome possible. We can evaluate your case, determine all of your available legal options, and help you secure the benefits you need to recover from injury.

If you are interested in having more than 100 years of combined experience on your side, contact us and request a free consultation today.

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