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One of the most common sights a person will see when driving their vehicle around Charlotte is drivers looking down at their phones. As we become more and more reliant on technology for every facet of our lives, it seems like second nature to glance at our phones and other devices at all times of the day. However, phones are not the only type of distraction that occurs when a person is operating a vehicle. At Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C., we are here to help if you need a Charlotte distracted driving accident attorney by your side. We have an extensive history of helping crash victims recover the compensation they need from negligent drivers, so let us get to work on your case today.

What does it mean to be distracted behind the wheel?

When we turn to data available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we can see that hundreds of thousands of people are injured each year due to the actions of distracted drivers. The CDC says that there are three main types of distractions that can occur behind the wheel:

  1. Visual distractions: This includes any type of distraction that takes a person’s eyes off the road.
  2. Manual distractions: This includes any distractions that take a person’s hands off the wheel.
  3. Cognitive distractions: This includes any distractions that take a person’s mind off of driving.

In many cases, distracted driving results in more than one type of distraction listed above. For example, sending a text message will take a person’s eyes off the roadway, their hands off the wheel to send the text, and their mind off of driving while they think about what they’re sending.

What does the data from NC say?

When we look at data available from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, we can see that there were more than 53,000 total vehicle crashes attributed to distracted driving during the latest reporting year across the state. Out of these incidents, there were 154 fatalities and more than 23,000 injuries. Overall, distracted driving accounted for 18.8% of all crashes in North Carolina during the latest year of data we have on record.

Unfortunately, these crashes often lead to severe injuries for drivers and passengers involved. It is not uncommon for the attorneys at Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C. to help clients who have sustained the following injuries in these incidents:

Contact a Charlotte distracted driving accident attorney today

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver in or around the Charlotte area, turn to the team at Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C. for help as soon as possible. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling complex car accident claims in North Carolina, and we know what it takes to help clients recover complete compensation for their losses. We want to make sure that you receive coverage for your medical expenses, property damage losses, pain and suffering damages, lost income, and more. When you need a Charlotte distracted driving accident attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 704-850-6322.

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