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Is This How We Treat Our Heroes? Medical Staff Fighting to Receive Workers Compensation

The pandemic has taken a toll on the country and the world. Hospitals are strained handling the rising case numbers of COVID-19. For those on the front lines, our doctors, nurses, and caretakers, the threat of contracting the deadly virus is exceptionally high.

The country owes our medical staff our lives and our appreciation. While heart-warming commercials are a nice touch, what our medical staff, our heroes, truly need is to know should they get sick, we are here for them. Instead, nurses and first responders who’ve contracted Covid-19 while on the job have had to fight for the workers compensation they deserve.

At Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C., we understand the difficulties faced by those seeking workers’ compensation. It can be a convoluted process made more problematic by the burden of proof required for workers’ compensation in North Carolina. The knowledgeable team at Price Petho & Associates is here for the essential workers, first responders, and nurses who are currently being denied their right to compensation. Our worker compensation attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina, are here for you.  Call Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C. today.

Burden of Proof Creates a Burden on the Covid-19 Front Lines

Typically, when claiming workers’ compensation, the burden of proof is on the employee to show that they sustained their injuries on the job. Diseases and viruses make this more difficult. There is a debate in the country about whether the burden of proof should fall on first responders and medical staff who’ve contracted Covid-19.  According to W.C.N.C. Charlotte,

  • Less than a third of states have passed policies to help first responders and nurses receive workers’ compensation. Most still require them to prove they contracted COVID-19 while on risky assignments.
  • Many states are reluctant to expand workers’ compensation protections due to costs.
  • The average COVID-19 claim is less than the loss associated with the average workers’ compensation claim.
  • Due to shutdowns, worker compensation claims as a whole went down across the country.

The debate is fueled by money, with insurance companies lobbying hard against any measures to expand workers’ compensation.

How This Affects You

In North Carolina, a policy to help first responders and correction officers has failed. If you or someone you love is on the front lines of the pandemic, heavily exposed to the virus, it is important to know your rights. As the legislation stands now, should you contract COVID-19, the burden of proof falls on your shoulders. You must show that you contracted the virus while on the job.

If a nurse treats multiple COVID-19 patients day in and day out, it would seem common sense would allow the burden of proof to be self-evident.  However, insurance companies are fighting back. What if the nurse contracted COVID-19 at a family gathering? How do you prove a sufficient causal link between your illness and your occupation?

Please, call Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C. to fight for the compensation you deserve.

We’re Here for You

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