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When you are involved in an auto accident and your airbag fails to deploy, you can end up suffering devastating injuries that require major surgeries or extensive physical therapy. Federal safety standards require all car manufacturers to equip the vehicles they make with airbags. Not only do airbags save lives, but they also help prevent serious injuries.

However, there are situations where airbags malfunction and do not work as they were intended to. From deploying too early, to not deploying at all, defective airbags can cause drivers and passengers to suffer catastrophic injuries that will impact them for the rest of their lives.

Reasons Airbags Fail to Deploy

There are numerous reasons why an airbag might fail to deploy. Sometimes there is a flaw in the manufacturer’s design of the airbag, while other others times there might have been an error made during the installation of the airbag.

The following are a few common reasons an airbag might fail to properly work:

  • Defective Impact Sensors
  • Defective or Damaged Electronics
  • Design Flaws
  • Inferior Materials
  • Faulty Installation

If you or a loved one sustained an injury because an airbag failed to deploy, you might be eligible to sue the manufacturer and other negligent parties for the damages you incurred.

Examples of Airbag Failure

In some situations, it is easy to tell if your airbag failed to deploy because it is defective, but other times it can be hard to determine if a defect caused the airbag to malfunction.

Examples of situations where an injury can be caused by a defective airbag include:

  • When it deploys with too much force
  • When it deploys too slowly
  • When it deploys in the wrong direction
  • When it unnecessarily deploys in a minor collision
  • It doesn’t deploy when it is needed in a major collision
  • It was produced with dangerous materials

Common Injuries Caused by Airbag Failure

The following injuries are commonly experienced by drivers and passengers when airbags fail to deploy:

  • Face Injuries: The purpose of the airbag is to prevent a driver’s face from going through the windshield. When it fails to deploy, drivers can suffer eye damage, facial lacerations, and broken bones in their faces.
  • Chest Injuries: Airbags can prevent a person’s body from being thrown out of their seat. When the airbag doesn’t properly deploy, it can result in chest injuries, such as broken bones and soft tissue damage.

What Should I Do If My Airbag Failed to Deploy in an Accident?

If your airbag doesn’t work properly in an accident and you suffer a severe injury, you should consult with an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney to determine how to obtain financial compensation for your injury and accident expenses. A skilled lawyer can arrange to have your vehicle inspected by professional airbag mechanics to determine the flaws that contributed to the device’s failure.

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