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While some collision cases are simple and can be easily settled, others are more complicated. In cases where a collision causes serious injury or death, or damages costing thousands of dollars, it is a good idea to hire the services of an experienced attorney. Since 1979, our personal injury lawyers have served hit and run accident victims in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina, and have successfully secured multi-million-dollar settlements in some cases.

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Hit and Run Accidents

In cases where a driver collides with a vehicle and then flees, the victim is put in a difficult position. With no information about the person who caused the accident or their insurance company, who is going to provide compensation? At the law firm of Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C., our lawyers have the experience to help with this unique process. We handle all hit and run accident cases on a contingency basis, collecting no fee unless we recover compensation for you.

In hit and run accident cases, like those involving uninsured motorists or underinsured motorist accidents, we will turn to your own insurance company. A common concern in these cases is that getting compensation from your own insurance company will lead to increased insurance premiums. This is not the case. Since you were not at fault, your rates will not be impacted negatively.

Many people believe they will not need a lawyer when dealing with their own insurance company, but that is not the case. Insurance companies are in business to make money. They want to keep their bottom line intact by minimizing payments, even to you. We work hard to see that you get treated fairly.

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Head-On Collisions

The most devastating accidents involve head-on collisions. Head-on collisions usually involve two vehicles traveling in opposite directions striking each other with their respective front ends. The most common cause of a head-on collision is a sudden lane departure made by one of the vehicles. Another common scenario occurs when a vehicle enters a roadway from a subservient road or driveway and turns into the path of an oncoming vehicle. While head-on collisions account for roughly 2% of all motor vehicle collisions, head-on collisions account for nearly 10% of motor vehicle accident fatalities.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are incredibly common in and around the Charlotte area. The very nature of this crowded area means that there is heavy traffic. Heavy traffic means stop-and-go driving, which is, unfortunately, conducive to rear-end collision incidents.

In most situations, a driver who runs into the rear of another vehicle will be found at fault. Drivers are required to leave enough distance between themselves and the vehicles in front of them to account for any sudden stops or emergencies that may occur. However, there are times when the front vehicle driver could be at fault in a rear-end collision, particularly if the driver was operating their vehicle recklessly or while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Additionally, if there was any kind of equipment failure, such as faulty tail or brake lights, the front driver could also be found partially liable for the incident.

T-Bone Collisions

T-bone collisions are also called side-impact collisions, and these incidents regularly occur at intersections. The most common causes of T-bone collisions include drivers failing to stop at stoplights or stop signs and striking vehicles on the roadway that have the right of way. Additionally, T-bone collisions are frequently caused by drivers attempting to make left-hand turns when they do not have the right of way, often turning into oncoming traffic.

T-bone collisions are particularly dangerous for those involved. Vehicles are exceptionally well-designed when it comes to handling front and rear impacts, but the safety measures are significantly reduced when it comes to side impacts. Even though modern vehicles do have advanced airbag technology, collisions that happen at high speeds often result in the outer shell of a vehicle crushing in on the occupants.

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If you or somebody you care about has been injured in an accident caused by the negligent actions of another driver in the Charlotte area, reach out to the team at Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C. for help today. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling complex personal injury claims in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina. We have the resources necessary to fully investigate these cases and help you secure the compensation you need. When you need a Charlotte car accident lawyer, you can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 704-850-6322.

Investigating Car Accidents in Charlotte

Investigating the cause of any collision can be a complex process. If the injuries are severe, or the accident involves a fatality, law enforcement may dispatch officers with special training in accident reconstruction to survey the scene.

Accident reconstruction specialists may measure:

  • Skid marks
  • Debris fields
  • Gouges in the pavement

In some cases, information can be obtained from event data recorders found onboard certain vehicles. This information, along with eyewitness statements, can help to determine the exact sequence of events that led to the collision. Our firm employs a full-time investigator to assist in gathering information necessary to aggressively represent those injured in these crashes. Utilizing our years of experience representing thousands of victims of head-on collisions, we provide aggressive representation on behalf of our clients.

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