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It sometimes takes quite a bit of time before a tire manufacturer realizes that there is a problem with the design or production process for one of its products. Unfortunately, many people can be injured or killed in accidents caused by a defective tire that was allowed to be sold on the marketplace or used by car manufacturers.

If you have suffered a serious injury due to defective tires, you are entitled to take legal action against the party that is responsible for your damages. Our experienced team of attorneys has the resources and skills that you need to secure a positive outcome in your case and obtain the justice you deserve.

Types of Tire Defects

The following are common types of tire defects that can contribute to an accident or injury:

  • Tire Tread Separation: The tread of a tire is the outermost part of a tire that makes contact with the road. Tire tread separation occurs when tread pulls apart from the inner layers of the tire. When this happens, drivers can lose control of their vehicles, which might lead to a serious or catastrophic accident. This type of tire defect is common in semi-trucks and passenger vehicles and is also a leading reason for tire recalls.
  • Tire Blowout: Potholes, traveling at high speeds, and extreme temperature fluctuations can all contribute to tire blowouts. However, tire blowouts can also be caused by design flaws and manufacturing defects. A tire blowout happens fast, leaving a minimal amount of time for a driver to react to the situation.
  • Tire Inflation Explosion: Tires can sometimes explode during the mounting and inflation process or while they are being used on the road. Tire explosions can be caused by flaws in a tire’s steel bead wire, or it can be an issue with the tire sidewall. Design errors in the rim on which a tire is mounted can cause an explosion. When tires explode while they are being inflated, it can cause the person to inflate the tire to suffer catastrophic injuries. When tires explode while a car is in use, drivers are often unable to regain control of the vehicle and end up causing a car accident through no fault of their own.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Tire Defects

When a tire manufacturer fails to inspect a tire for defects and they place it on the market for consumers to purchase, and the tire is determined to have a defect that caused a consumer to suffer injury, the manufacturer can be held legally liable for the damages incurred by the consumer. This is known as being “strictly liable.”

Strict liability claims can be filed for:

  • Design Defects
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • A Defect In the Way a Product Was Labeled or Marketed

If a consumer’s product liability claim is successful, they can recover financial compensation for their injuries and other types of losses, such as lost wages and property damage.

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