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Seat belts are designed to prevent drivers and passengers from sustaining serious and catastrophic injuries during an accident. Unfortunately, seatbelts can sometimes fail to function properly due to various design and manufacturing flaws. When this occurs, people can end up being seriously injured or killed. Those who have been injured or who have lost a loved one because of a seat belt that failed to work properly can take legal action against the party responsible for their losses.

Common Ways Seatbelts Fail

There are many different ways that design flaws or poor quality materials can cause seatbelts to malfunction. The following are examples of seatbelt defects that can cause injury during an accident:

  • Belt Material Tears or Wears-Out Prematurely: The materials used to construct seatbelts must be strong enough to hold an occupant in place without tearing during an accident. When a seatbelt rips or tears, it can cause the driver or passenger to strike against the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, or roof of the vehicle. If defective seatbelt materials contributed to your injury, and the manufacturer was aware of the defect, you can sue the company for the damages you sustained.
  • Belt Retractor Doesn’t Properly Work: The retractor is the most important mechanical feature of the seatbelt system because it locks the seatbelt and occupant in place during a collision. Design flaws and cheap materials can cause the retractor to no longer lock in place, which can create enough slack in the belt during the accident to cause devastating injury. In accidents where the seatbelt retractor completely fails to work, the occupants can be thrown around the vehicle, possibly striking against hard surfaces.
  • Flawed System Design: Seatbelts are a piece of a much larger safety system that is designed to prevent occupants from sustaining serious injuries during an accident. Every component within the system that is flawed can potentially contribute to injuries. For example, the anchor point of a seatbelt influences the position of the occupant during a collision. When it comes to rollover accidents, belts that haven’t been anchored properly can inflict injuries to the head and neck that might leave a person permanently paralyzed.

How Do I Know If a Seatbelt Is Defective?

If you have been in a car accident and notice that you are the only person in your vehicle who has sustained a serious injury, a defective component of the vehicle’s seatbelt system might be responsible for your suffering.

However, it can be a difficult task to prove that the seatbelt’s failure contributed to your injuries. This requires access to the seatbelt system itself, so make sure you preserve it so an accident reconstruction expert can properly examine it for flaws.

The seatbelt failure attorneys at Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C. have access to professionals in the field of accident reconstruction, as well as medical professionals who can help us to look into your case from every possible angle. We can use our extensive resources to determine the cause of your injuries and how much financial compensation you are entitled to for your medical treatments and any ongoing care needed for you to recover from your injuries.

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