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Hospital workers are healthcare workers who just might face the most workplace dangers out of any employee in the overall industry. When safety is not prioritized, or a single mistake is absentmindedly made, a hospital worker could suffer a serious injury or contract a dangerous illness. Workers’ compensation benefits should be made available to you in such a case.

Do you need help filing your workers’ comp claim as an injured or ill hospital worker? Has your claim been filed but wrongfully denied by your employer or their insurance provider? Call (704) 850-6322 to let Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C. and our Charlotte hospital worker injury attorneys know what happened. Using our 100+ years of collective legal experience, we are confident we can find a way to improve your situation and get you the benefits you deserve.

Hazards a Hospital Worker May Face

As someone who works within a hospital, either as a medical or administrative staff member, you know the environment can be busy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of the moving “gears” of a hospital increases the chances of basic safety procedures from being pushed aside for other urgent matters. This problem exists on top of the already-hazardous nature of a hospital, given that people with serious illnesses and contagious disease congregate there for specialized care.

Accidents or issues that may cause a hospital worker injury include:

  • Contracting an illness from a sick patient
  • Toxic exposure to harsh chemical cleaners
  • Slip and fall injuries on slippery tile floors
  • Lacerations from sharp medical instruments
  • Back injury from lifting heavy equipment or even patients
  • Anxiety or stress from high-pressure occupation

It is important to remember that you can file for workers’ compensation benefits as an injured or ill hospital worker as long as your injury or illness occurred due to your occupation, or while you were conducting a work-related duty. The cause of that injury or illness is secondary in a claim, as you can still get benefits even if you caused your own accident. The exception being that you could have benefits denied if it is proven you intentionally tried to become injured at work.

Helping Injured Hospital Workers Seek Fair Compensation

Workers’ compensation claims for hospital workers can be unexpectedly complicated and problematic, especially if the responding insurance company finds reason to doubt the validity of your claim. To get rid of the guesswork and legwork of your claim in one easy step, retain the services of our Charlotte hospital worker injury lawyers.

There is nothing more satisfying to our team of legal professionals than securing maximized compensation for our clients and knowing we have helped make someone’s life comfortable again after an unfortunate accident.

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