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Every driver on the road has an obligation to practice safe driving habits, obey state and federal traffic laws, and avoid any behaviors that can lead to a car accident. When drivers participate in negligent behaviors and drive carelessly, it can lead to preventable traffic injuries and fatalities. Even victims who survive car collisions often discover that their lives are irrevocably changed by the physical and financial reality of their injuries. These survivors often require expensive medical treatments and even lifelong professional care.

If you have been injured in a car accident, it’s important to safeguard your future by retaining the services of an experienced and compassionate lawyer. At Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C., our dedicated car accident attorneys are dedicated to helping injury victims across the state of North Carolina.

Our trial-tested legal team negotiates and litigates relentlessly on behalf of our clients. This is because we recognize that a successful lawsuit can provide you with the essential damages you need to facilitate your recovery.

We work on a contingency fee basis. You only pay if you’re awarded damages. If you’re ready to pursue compensation, contact our Rockingham car accident lawyers at (704) 850-6322.

Pursuing Compensation

The success of your personal injury case depends on quite a few factors. If you’re interested in pursuing compensation, the most important step you can take is to visit a doctor immediately after the accident. Not only does this protect your health, but it also safeguards your claim by proving to the court that you sought appropriate medical attention. Your official medical report can also verify that your injuries are relayed to the collision.

After an accident, it’s important that you take the following steps:

  • Don’t apologize for the accident to anyone
  • Keep a list of witness names and phone numbers
  • Take pictures of any damaged vehicles, the accident scene, and your injuries
  • Seek medical care within 7 days to protect your claim
  • Make a record of your medical expenses and other accident-related financial losses
  • Don’t post about your accident on social media
  • Contact a lawyer who can explain your legal options and protect you from the defendant’s insurance company

At Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C., we committed to guiding injury victims through this complex legal process. Our singular priority is helping clients secure compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, and any other applicable damages. Our firm has a skilled investigator on staff who can gather evidence that proves the defendant’s negligence and liability.

Explore Your Legal Options by Scheduling a Free Consultation

Hiring an experienced lawyer is the best way to secure a positive case outcome that awards sufficient damages. During your consultation, we can listen to your story, explain your legal options, and develop a litigation strategy that reflects your financial and legal goals. Our team can also protect you from any insurance companies that may try to sabotage your claim or pressure you into accepting an insufficient settlement amount.

We have been representing clients since 1979. Contact Price Petho & Associates P.L.L.C. at (704) 850-6322 to schedule a free consultation.

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