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Motorcycles are a favored method of transportation for countless adventurers across the country. While the open road may embody freedom, it also represents an extreme danger for motorcyclists. It’s not unusual for car and truck drivers to feel anxious around motorcycles and act inappropriately or aggressively as a result. Their careless and negligent actions often jeopardize the lives of many motorcyclists in their vicinity.

Motorcycle accidents commonly lead to fatalities and catastrophic physical and cognitive injuries. Many victims never fully recover. The Rockingham motorcycle accident lawyers at Price, Petho & Associates have the experience and resources to help you obtain justice and hold negligent drivers accountable. We investigate the cause of the accident and work with your doctors to show how life-altering your injuries are. Call us to get started today.

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How dangerous are motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents cause life-altering, catastrophic injuries because motorcycles don’t provide the same physical protection as cars or trucks. There is no metal frame to protect a rider or passenger in the event of a crash.

Most riders fall directly onto the hard asphalt, into other vehicles, or are crushed by other vehicles. According to the Insurance Information Institute, more than 5,000 people died in motorcycle accidents in the US in 2019. The Institute states that the odds of dying in a motorcycle accident are 29 times higher than dying in a car or truck accident.

What are North Carolina’s motorcycle laws?

All motorcycle operators need to have a valid motorcycle license. Drivers under 18 must show satisfactory completion of a motorcycle education course offered by the North Carolina Motorcycle Safety Education Program.

All motorcycle riders must wear a helmet that meets approved Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218. Riders need to secure their chin strap when they ride.

While there is no legal requirement, safety demands that riders consider wearing a face shield/goggles, gloves, boots, a leather jacket (or comparable material), and thick pants. Wearing the proper clothing can help reduce the risk of road rash and discomfort if it rains.

Motorcycle operators need to follow the state traffic laws. Car and truck drivers need to respect the right of motorcycle operators. Passengers should have a foot-rest or peg.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation recommends that all drivers:

  • “Keep a safe distance by allowing more following space – three to four seconds – behind motorcycles.”
  • “Be cautious, as not all turn signals on a motorcycle are self-canceling, thus some riders sometimes forget to turn them off after a turn or lane change.”

What are the causes of motorcycle accidents in Rockingham?

Many motorcycle accidents happen in and near Rockingham because a car or truck driver didn’t see the motorcycle, didn’t respect the right of the motorcycle operator to be on the road, or didn’t anticipate how the motorcycle operator would move.

Like car and truck accidents, motorcycle accidents happen due to:

Motorcycle operators need to be especially careful when the roads are wet, or their vision is affected by rain, snow, fog, or the sun. Turning can be especially difficult for even the most experienced motorcycle rider.

Novice riders and even experienced riders should take motorcycle rider education courses based on their level of skill.

What are the different types of motorcycle accidents?

Our Rockingham personal injury lawyers handle all types of motorcycle accidents including:

  • Head-on crashes
  • Broadsides
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Intersection accidents
  • Accidents because a car or truck driver failed to see the motorcycle operator
  • Accidents because a car or truck driver failed to respect the right of the motorcycle operator to be on the road
  • Collisions and spills due to bad weather
  • Accidents due to road defects such as potholes, uneven surfaces, and roadkill
  • Lane-splitting accidents
  • Improper turning accidents
  • Fatal accidents

Motorcycle accidents may also be due to defective motorcycle parts such as brakes, clutches, electrical components, and other parts.

What injuries are caused by Rockingham motorcycle accidents?

A motorcycle collision can lead to the following injuries:

  • Brain injuries and skull fractures
  • Spinal injuries and paralysis
  • Traumatic amputation/loss of limb
  • Broken bones including multiple fractures and compound fractures
  • Shoulder, neck, and back injuries
  • Severe burn injuries
  • Disfigurement
  • Muscle damage
  • Vision and hearing loss

Many motorcycle riders suffer road rash injuries that cause skin damage, scarring, and a severe risk of infections. Victims with road rash may need skin grafts and plastic surgery.

Motorcycle riders tend to sustain severe injuries in collisions because they can only rely on their helmets and chosen protective gear for protection. These injuries often necessitate countless medical procedures, treatments, and ongoing professional care.

What damages can a Rockingham motorcycle accident victim claim?

You may be awarded the following damages:

  • Present and future medical expenses, including compensation for ambulances, ER care, hospitalizations, surgeries, doctor visits, rehabilitation, assistive devices, and medications
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Lost income, lost benefits, and loss of earning potential
  • Inability to use a body part
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium
  • Property damages

A successful verdict or settlement can safeguard your standard of living by providing compensation that mitigates the financial and physical repercussions of an accident. We understand the unique issues involved in motorcycle accident claims including placing a value on future expenses and the doctrine of contributory negligence.

When should I file my motorcycle accident claim?

In North Carolina, plaintiffs have three years from the date of the motorcycle accident to file an injury claim. In the event of a fatal accident, you only have two years to file a wrongful death claim.

The best course of action is to contact our office immediately after an accident. We’ll review your rights. Our firm will have an investigator examine the accident site and the vehicles. Our lawyers will review which health providers you’re seeing, and how they will be compensated. We’ll file your insurance claims.

Do you have a motorcycle accident lawyer near me?

Our Rockingham office is conveniently located at 801 E Broad Ave, #17 in Rockingham, NC. We also have offices in Charlotte and Rutherfordton. If your injury or personal situation prevents you from visiting our office, we can hold your appointment at your home, hospital room, or nursing home.

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